Worship at home

Worship at home

When it isn’t possible to join with the local church, this outline is designed to help you have a short time of worship as a household. Please adapt it to suit those who are present – add anything you might usually do in church or omit anything that you are not comfortable with. Have a variety of voices leading, not just the oldest!

As you prepare:

  • Choose a place where you can sit comfortably – it might be on the floor, round a table or even in the garden (if the weather is good enough). A rug or cushions might make it more comfortable if you are sitting on the floor.
  • Agree a time to worship together. It might be first thing in the morning, before your lunchtime meal, or before bedtime begins.
  • Decide who will lead – it doesn’t have to be an adult or just one person. Think of ways in which the youngest can also help lead.
  • Gather the things that will help create a sacred space – we suggest a cross, Bible and candle. If you do not have these as physical objects, find or draw pictures that could be used.
  • Look through the service and gather any materials you might need – paper, pens, modelling dough, Lego etc.
  • If you enjoy singing, decide one a song or hymn to start with and one to end with. There are some suggestions at the end.


Download the full worship at home resource.

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