Thought for the Week 13th May – by Andy Coles

Thought for the Week 13th May – by Andy Coles

‘Trust & Obey’, by Andy Coles.

I am reminded of the Old Gospel Hymn, written around the time of Moody the famous American Evangelist, and well known by previous generations of Sunday School Children… which goes onto say ‘For there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey’

Although these words are somewhat over simplified the meaning of them is  profound given the reference to Christian discipleship.

I relate my own recent experience over a concern which was a particularly challenging one. In praying for God’s help it was reassuring to know that His presence and power was supporting me through the difficult time.Thankfully and eventually the matter was resolved in a satisfactory way. We are told that obedience normally comes in the reflective times when we need to discern the ‘still small voice’ and then act accordingly.

Not once does the Bible say, worry about it, stress over it or figure it out but over and over it clearly says put your trust in and obey Him our God.

It is so easy to be disheartened with the Covid19 pandemic as we have all had trials and problems as a result of it. However I believe that providing we trust and obey our Saviour, matters will start to improve like day time always follows the night. I pray that the Human Race and indeed all of our Church Community will find new and positive ways of living with a sense of renewed vigour.

Based on Psalm Ch33  Vv 18 – 22.



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