Prayer for this week

Prayer for this week

“We are to pray in times of adversity, lest we become faithless and unbelieving. We are to pray in times of prosperity, lest we become boastful and proud. We are to pray in times of danger, lest we become fearful and doubting. We are to pray in times of security, lest we become self-sufficient.” Dr Billy Graham

Lord, in these times of adversity we pray for ourselves, for those who we hold close to us, and for those who have no-one.
We pray for our communities, that they may continue though in different ways.
For those who suffer, and for those who care.

Lord, in these times of danger we pray for each other and for those who support others.
We pray for those who come to people in their hour of need.
For health and social care workers, for all who lead communities, and for all who work to build new communities in these different times.

Lord, we pray that we may come again to times of security and prosperity.
And that, when we do, we may remember to continue to pray.

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