Prayer for the week

Prayer for the week

Ever present God, we give thanks for each new day.  For all of us life is very different to one we experienced two weeks ago.  As we get used to living lives of self-isolation and social-distancing help us to recognise the good things that each day can bring. Help us to know that we are not alone.

Gracious God, we pray for our world.  As more and more countries face being locked down we share in solidarity the challenges that they are facing.  We pray for people who are unable to travel home because borders have closed.  Thank you for the friendship and support that strangers give to each other at times of hardship.

Loving God, we are grateful for all people who continue to go to work each day.  For all NHS workers, for social workers, for teachers, for shop workers, for public servants, for transport workers.  Thank you for their commitment and support which ensure that we can lead our lives to the full.

Comforting God, at this time we are especially aware of our local community.  We give thanks for all acts of kindness.  However small these acts might be, they are significant for those who receive them.  Where we are able, guide us to be mindful of each other and to offer what help we can to each other.

Eternal God, as the period of Passiontide begins we recall Jesus journeying to Jerusalem.  The Passion is a story about injustice, doubt, pain and ultimately death.  But the final message is victory, the victory of life over death.

Help us to have faith that this time of challenge will end and to have hope in a bright future.


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